I, Rage

I rewrote the story “He, Rage” in first person. It’s better, shorter, more punchy. Same topic and setting, and still exploring what domestic violence will look like in the future. It’s very short at 1,500 words. Should be a 5 minute read or so. Click below to read it.

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Rage @ Home

I’ve written a short story called He, Rage that is a bit of an exploration of domestic violence with a twist. It’s a really powerful start, but make sure you read to the end. It didn’t quite turn out as revelation-y as I wanted and it didn’t touch on all the facets that I wanted to explore. Will have to do it another story.

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Respawn: Mum

I wrote a short story about the possibility that you can have an avatar of a lost loved one by training an AI on all the films and audio you have of them. There are probably companies out there that already own enough data to be able to do something like this. In this particular story, I’m trying out the first-person style and trying to keep it short. It ends rather abruptly. Check it out.

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NFT + Dystopia =

I wrote a short story about a young man’s attempt at escaping a system where people can be owned, bought, and sold. Set in the near future, this technology exists right now in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens, which is of course all made possible by blockchain technology. All we need is the application of pressure in the right parts of our social and financial system and this could become a reality. Read it right here:

Non-Fungible Human by S.J. Gemmell

Or on your favourite platforms — Wattpad or substack.

Dystopia and returning to the land

A little while ago I read the book Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe. It really opened my eyes to the sophisticated systems and in-tune way that the Australian aboriginals lived on the land. I can’t see our technologically dominant society living off the land for 60,000 years. We tend to bend it to our will, potentially breaking it in the process.

This short story explores a post-apocalyptic future that is not based on some Anglo-Saxon hero overcoming the odds. It’s just shy of 3000 words, so it should be a 10-minute read.

Who Zooms? He Zooms.

Just how long is it before deep fakes + video chat starts to take over our lives? Perhaps there’s a book in this somewhere – an evil corporation starts murdering employees but continues to deep fake them on video calls. Pretty sure I read a book about that exact thing now that I think about it.

Anyway, I’ve written a fun little short story about a guy who messed too much with the video chat settings and got himself in a bit of a pickle. Take a read by clicking below.

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